Project Management

Project management services offered by the firms are:

  • Project development, planning, and scheduling.
  • Coordination of multi-disciplinary field studies.
  • Liaison with research institutions, regulatory agencies, and the public.
  • Preparation of project technical and status reports.

Project management support has been provided to the following projects:

Virgin Islands Wetlands and Watersheds Characterization Phase II: Inventory, Monitoring, Assessment, Management, and Education in the U.S. Virgin Islands (2009-2010).  The firms’ principal functioned as the Project Lead Scientist, coordinating the work of the project team, government agencies, and stakeholder working groups.  Duties included the preparation of project technical and resource reports, and the development of a framework for management of wetlands in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Sandy Cay II Project, British Virgin Islands (November 1, 2003-June 1, 2005).  The firms’ principal functioned as the Deputy Project Manager, working with the National Parks Trust, public agencies, and civil society organisations to develop a template for protected areas site plan in the British Virgin Islands.  Duties included revision of the national protected areas system plan.

Revision of the water quality standards for the U.S. Virgin Islands (2002-2003).  Project coordination functions included managing the public consultation process and preparation of the technical report submitted to the legislative authority for approval of the revised standards.

Marine Park Project, U.S. Virgin Islands (2001-2002).  This project: (a) Prepared a framework for a system of marine protected areas; (b) Undertook a socio-economic analysis of the use patterns of the marine resources; (c) Prepared a report on the status of important marine resources and habitats requiring protection; and (d) Prepared a management plan for the St. Croix East End Marine Park.  Specific tasks included preparation of the Management Framework for the system of marine protected areas.

Preparation of a coastal water quality monitoring manual for use by the Division of Coastal Zone Management (2001).  The manual was developed to meet the specific need for monitoring marine water quality impacts resulting from construction activities, particularly impacts related to sediments in storm-water runoff.  Duties involved coordinating the inputs of the various consultants, as well as production of the manual.