Environmental Assessment

Environmental information generated by the firms is generally used for programme design, whether the design is undertaken by the firms or the client.  Environmental assessment services provided by the firms are:

  • Habitat mapping and assessment of marine and terrestrial communities.
  • Collection and assessment of physical, chemical, and biological data in coastal marine and   terrestrial environments.

Examples of initiatives to which environmental assessment services have been provided are:

Water Island land use study, U.S. Virgin Islands (2006-2007).  Technical support involved a review of significant environmental features (including natural hazards) and land management practices.

Assessment of amenity areas and formulation of site development projects in Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Trinidad & Tobago (2002), as part of the Amenity Areas component of the Caribbean Regional Environment Programme Project.

Ecological and hydro-geological study of the Dunn’s River Falls and Beach Park, Jamaica (2000).  The Dunn’s River Falls and Beach Park is one of Jamaica’s premier tourism attractions.  The site sits within the 518-hectare Dunn’s River Watershed, and thus the sustainability of the attraction is dependent to a large degree on the integrity of the watershed.  Ecotech Inc. Limited was commissioned to delineate the sub-watershed supplying the Dunn’s River, determine the status of the main ecosystems, determine the hydrological regime in the sub-watershed, assess the critical ecosystems, and identify any natural hazard that could affect the site.  The firm also developed a Management and Carrying Capacity Framework for the Dunn’s River Watershed and Recreational Park.

Ecological Carrying Capacity assessment (1999), conducted as part of the carrying capacity study for the preparation of the tourism master plan, Jamaica.  The study focused on the three main resort areas of Ocho Rios, Negril, and Montego Bay.